take out & t.v. shows / by Courtney Freeman

you know you're guilty, #bingewatching

I am a tv show person. Are you a tv show person? I love a really good show and binge watching it. “Netflix and Chill.” Literally, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my apple tv. 

So, like I said before… I like really good tv shows. I thought I should share my personal favorites with you. I know they’re some ladies out there like me who are looking, or need a new show to watch. Here’s a List & where you can find them.


When they are on, I watch them.. but I don't go out of my way, unless I am really really bored or need just background noise while I edit, then I’ll put these on.

Then, A few that I have heard about but have not tried out? Have you watched these Shows? 

Do you have any TV Shows I would like? TELL ME.