+ I M . S O M E W H E R E . O N . A . B E A C H. + / by Courtney Freeman

I just have the most gorgeous cousins in the entire world. My parents were born and raised in Indiana, all of the family lived in Indiana, until my dad met my mom. They decided to get married on Lake Tippy and move to florida, 10 years later, they had my Sister and me. Growing up I didn't ever really have any cousins around, or aunts/uncles, Until Faith and Hope, and my Lovely Phillip were born. From Hunting camps, to Forwheeling at night, to endless days swimming in the pool, I feel like I had a part in raising these girls, I especially feel like I raised phillip... he was the first baby, I ever saw being brought into the world and I would always play with him, and he's just my little man. So, Meet one of my gorgeous Twin Cousins, Faith Price. Yes, She has a body like no other, Perfection in other words. From her little Florida southern accident to her contagious laughs, and her matter of facts, she is one of my favorite human beings. I grew up making them dress up and taking their photos, and now that I am older and actually have a little Idea of what I'm doing, I love going home and getting to spend days in the sun with them, and taking their pictures. I mean, anyone would want to take their photos. So, Here is Faith Vivian.