Bikini Life. by Courtney Freeman

I had so much fun shooting this Lookbook for my Best Friend's Bikini Line. Bases out of Siesta Key, Florida, MER SOEUR SWIM. Look them up, Two Sisters make their own bikinis and sell them! They just launched new colors, and styles. They feel so good on. <3

M O D E L + S K Y E + F.T. M Y E R S, F L + by Courtney Freeman

Being born & raised by that Florida sunshine, I've always loved going home & getting to see my family and friends. Ususally I get to go home because a friend, or friend of a friend is getting married, or wants engagement photo, and ect. Lately I have gotten the chance to explore the areas I love most; Growing up in Florida all my life has made me who I am today, from starting Ford Modeling when I was 9, to American Girl/Limited Too covers, I've always enjoyed modeling, but not as much as I enjoy being behind the camera.. Growing up I always threw parties/birthday parties/hurricane parties and make my friends come over, and let me dress them up, hair, makeup & all and I would take photos of them all day long, then we would run and get them developed and then I would scan them into the computer and make them their comp card, take their measurements, all their info. Ha, I don't know why I always loved it but I did. Lately, I get to go home and literally get to work with a brand that I am so passionate about, Free People all throughout Florida @freepeopleflordia, I've had the chance to meet the amazing staff/ models and start coming friends with them, Free people helped me overcome a lot of issues I had in the modeling world, and with my best friend getting shot in bradenton, The freeness and the way they just tell you and teach you to just be yourself and people will Love you, or they might hate you, but thats ok. Also, using the most basic kind of places you see everyday that make up a town and wearing their clothes and modeling and taking modeling photos for their Blog/Instagram its a passion I love and Love having. It's opened up a lot of amazing new opportunities to meet knew people, and help create girls who want to pursue modeling, let me help them and direct them with the connections I have made in the past. Meeting Skye was so much fun, we had a blast, creating her portfolio is just the beginning for her. I love meeting girls with a passion and a dream, and aren't scared to pursue it.  So, here are a few Images we captures, in Sarasota, Florida of Skye Rose, Ft, Myers Fl.


+ S U M M E R . N I G H T S. + C E L E B R A T I N G . N E W . L I V E S. + by Courtney Freeman

Starting out with documenting her entire day of her beautiful wedding day, To now seeing her beautiful baby bump and seeing the excitement between her and her hubby Matt, I am so blessed for the opportunity to have been lucky enough to meet this lovely Lady. I met her through a good friend of mine, and also her sister Trinity Dial. You've seen some romantic photos of this gorgeous couple before a few times throughout my work. Trinity introduced us, Now we are good friends, and I'm excited to say that soon I'll have the lucky chance for the first time ever photographing a live birth when her beautiful baby girl is born. To see that first glance of seeing her baby for the first time gives me goose bumps. We went to the fair and thought we would be creative, so we tried to think of maternity photos people don't really do, since I am not a standard photographer. So, for starters we wanted to go at night, and of course dress her up in Free people! We are so excited about how they turned out and love how she is printing them out to put in here babies room. Sierra is Gorgeous inside and out, I'm so lucky to get the chance to Document her special moments.

+ I M . S O M E W H E R E . O N . A . B E A C H. + by Courtney Freeman

I just have the most gorgeous cousins in the entire world. My parents were born and raised in Indiana, all of the family lived in Indiana, until my dad met my mom. They decided to get married on Lake Tippy and move to florida, 10 years later, they had my Sister and me. Growing up I didn't ever really have any cousins around, or aunts/uncles, Until Faith and Hope, and my Lovely Phillip were born. From Hunting camps, to Forwheeling at night, to endless days swimming in the pool, I feel like I had a part in raising these girls, I especially feel like I raised phillip... he was the first baby, I ever saw being brought into the world and I would always play with him, and he's just my little man. So, Meet one of my gorgeous Twin Cousins, Faith Price. Yes, She has a body like no other, Perfection in other words. From her little Florida southern accident to her contagious laughs, and her matter of facts, she is one of my favorite human beings. I grew up making them dress up and taking their photos, and now that I am older and actually have a little Idea of what I'm doing, I love going home and getting to spend days in the sun with them, and taking their pictures. I mean, anyone would want to take their photos. So, Here is Faith Vivian.

take out & t.v. shows by Courtney Freeman

you know you're guilty, #bingewatching

I am a tv show person. Are you a tv show person? I love a really good show and binge watching it. “Netflix and Chill.” Literally, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my apple tv. 

So, like I said before… I like really good tv shows. I thought I should share my personal favorites with you. I know they’re some ladies out there like me who are looking, or need a new show to watch. Here’s a List & where you can find them.


When they are on, I watch them.. but I don't go out of my way, unless I am really really bored or need just background noise while I edit, then I’ll put these on.

Then, A few that I have heard about but have not tried out? Have you watched these Shows? 

Do you have any TV Shows I would like? TELL ME.

Inside my Little purse. by Courtney Freeman


Inside my Purse,

(Starting from the Top Right.)

  • Bullet Necklace. I make Jewelry so of course, I always have one either on or inside my bag
  • Illesteva Sunglasses. 
  • Bobby Pins, Because, "I got 99 Bobby pins, but I can't ever find one."
  • The giving keys necklace. I love this brand, and their story. My friend owns a store, called Elysian and I have bought a few of the locks and keys I love them.
  • Chanel Powder Coverup. 1st, it smells amazing, 2nd, it's Chanel.
  • Agenda. Not joking, the BEST Planner. I've already pre-ordered mine for next year.
  • Michael Kors Large Fluffy Ball. Who doesn't love a little puff of fluff?
  • Carmex Chapsticks. its the best chapstick. I live in Indiana.
  • Mac Cremesheen Lipstick, and Lip Gloss.
  • Gucci Guilty, So sexy.
  • Mini Clips. To pin back my hair. 
  • Sharpie, I love me a good pen.
  • Keys, and Hotel Key tags. I have many Hotel key Tags.
  • Evian Spray, Keep your face Hydrated. 

    So, whats going on in your purse?